Encouraging cooperation between universities

The UNESCO Chairs Program furthers research, training and program development in higher education by building networks and encouraging cooperation between universities. Projects involve training, research, information-sharing, and outreach activities in major UNESCO programs areas like education, natural and social sciences, culture and communication. 

UNESCO Chairs:

  • Provide an innovative model for international academic cooperation and capacity building, particularly with regards to North-South and South-South relationships;
  • Serve as think tanks and help build bridges between the academic world, civil society, local communities, researchers and policy-makers;
  • Are appointed to universities to initiate programs that will advance research and training in one of UNESCO's fields of expertise;
  • Involve academics, scholars and graduate students, as well as key partners such as NGOs, foundations, and public- and private-sector organizations.

Most UNESCO Chairs projects combine multiple disciplines and sectors, and involve active cooperation from UNESCO's field offices, centres and institutes.