The 10 Common Commitments
and the Plan of Action

 “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” — Article 1, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Municipalities participating in the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination are guided by 10 Common Commitments and agree to undertake work in these areas.

A municipality may focus on a few priority areas and address other Commitments as its work progresses. It may also find that its current programming already meets the objectives of a Plan of Action. These initiatives should be recognized and identified alongside any newer strategies designed to meet the defined Commitments.

The 10 Common Commitments are grouped under three broad umbrellas of municipal responsibility:

The municipality as a guardian of public interest

  • Providing increased vigilance against systemic and individual racism and discrimination
  • Monitoring racism and discrimination in the community broadly and taking action to address them
  • Informing and supporting people who experience racism and discrimination
  • Supporting police efforts to combat racism and discrimination

The municipality as an organization in the fulfillment of human rights

  • Providing equal opportunities as a municipal employer, service provider and contractor
  • Supporting measures to promote equity in the labour market
  • Supporting measures to challenge racism and discrimination and promote diversity and equal opportunity in housing

The municipality as a community that shares responsibility for respecting and promoting human rights and diversity

  • Involving citizens by giving them a voice in anti-racism initiatives and decision-making
  • Supporting measures to challenge racism and discrimination and promoting diversity and equal opportunity in  the education sector and in other forms of learning
  • Promoting respect, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, and including Aboriginal and racialized communities into the cultural fabric of the municipality