Man and the Biosphere

UNESCO’S Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) strives to deepen our understanding of socio-ecological systems and help societies re-frame their relationships with nature. The goal is to build a more harmonious, mutually beneficial relationship between people and the natural environment so both can thrive.

The program's practical, interdisciplinary approach leads to creative solutions that allow for human development while respecting and conserving the planet's life support systems. Having celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011, MAB continues to evolve by sharing knowledge among scientists and other stakeholders at local, regional and international levels to develop strategies based on common goals. Biosphere reserves are the main mechanisms by which MAB objectives are implemented, tested, and redefined.

In Canada

The Canadian MAB Committee applies a ''Canadian" approach that emphasizes community-based partnerships and bottom-up strategies. Members are chosen for their qualifications, experience and involvement in promoting and implementing aspects of the MAB Programme, particularly biosphere reserves. 

The Canadian MAB Committee makes recommendations about Canadian participation and helps prepare documents related to Canadian participation in the UNESCO MAB Programme. It also provides advice on the development of the program in Canada. This includes making recommendations about the future direction of the world network, including new designations and Periodic Reviews.