Mailing address
150 Elgin Street, P.O. Box 1047
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5V8

Reception 2th Floor - Reception of the Canada Council for the Arts

Phone number and email address
(613) 566-4414 or 1-800-263-5588 

CCUNESCO Secretariat

Sébastien Goupil
Ext. 5557

Alexandra Salmon-Bobek
Administrative Coordinator and Assistant to the Secretary-General
Ext. 4551

Angèle Cyr
Senior Advisor, Public Affairs
Ext. 4168 

Joelle Tremblay
Senior Program Assistant, Public Affairs 
Ext. 4172


Theo Breedon
Program Manager
Ext. 5566

Pauline Dugré
Program Officer, Communication and Information
Ext. 4558

Mathias Bizimana
Program Officer, Culture and World Heritage
Ext. 5547

Cynthia Lacasse
Program Officer, Social and Human Sciences and Youth
Ext. 4550

Isabelle LeVert-Chiasson
Program Officer, Education
National Coordinator, UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet)
Ext. 5567

Xavier Le Guyader (in replacement of Dominique Potvin)
Program Officer, Natural Sciences
Ext. 5517

Marie-Tonine Moreau
Program Assistant
Ext. 5546 

Kelsey Beauvais
Program Assistant
Ext. 4565

Audrey Courval
Finance and Administration
Ext. 4552